Double Labyrinth- M->Orphic Journal Ancilla

Posted by Edwin VanGorder | Sun Aug 9th 2015 7:21 p.m.
Virtuality pertains to usage made of a given process i.e. "agency" in it's morphogenic dimensions wile semeiotics are the reading process of the phenomenal distinctions of natural and artificial ideas, natural ideas being topics of interest taken into disciplines such as psychology and philosophy while artificial ideas stress the creative tangents.
The early computer artists fashioned a labyrinth of these associations, for example Lillian Schwartz relating to the analysis of the analogue world such as fresco color, Nam June Paik on the other hand disrupting energy fields, Nauman stressing the relation of the physical body- the somatic content of semeiotics, and with Gerhard Richter the phenomenon of the human mind taking the mechanical world into the subconscious.
In the following pairs of labyrinths I have created a group of works placed in a scroll space which is their labyrinth and then cut sections through this , followed by responding to these with added layers of usage-creativity-virtuality.
In another labyrinth I simple create the masks, or layers for a single drawing and compare that with a photo montage of the series outside of this, i.e. different drawings creating an irregular mask....
The last section I simply title Fragments-Not fragments for obvious reasons...
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