Weak Theory At Last: Salamander Seance

Posted by Edwin VanGorder | Mon Aug 10th 2015 8:36 p.m.


Within Anemic Cinema Duchamp sowed sight and sound as oscilating in the showing , sound per speed of the record and the visual wavering of the irregular targets in motion… that the sightless glean of vision and those without hearing are informed of sound both through the agency of spoken or written transcription: semeiotics, is embedded within his projects means- implicitly.
In my take on the technology I am the inventors inventor by shifting to the cyber loop, the same idea has a different topography , a different morphology- is morphogenic then to these specifics as they follow. The sound quotient in these works should be construed as contained to a metaphor within the drawings that indicates among the topological gradients a kind of medical imaging: ultra sound is the default insinuation.
Weak Theory Workout: my ideas of a topological gradient system within semeiotics
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