Cultural Patterns-Site-Nonsite Revisited

Posted by Edwin VanGorder | Sat Aug 22nd 2015 1:34 p.m.
The approach I have developed towards creating a dual Institutional Critique between the concepts of trace and rhizome as characterized by the Tracy Organization= Drawing Research Network, and the New School “ Rhizome” organization are likewise a study in the motion towards and away a subject in the act of creating it.
The following works are predicated on an interest in patterns, as the semiotic input of concept formation available to meta levels which I explore in various ways. Substantially, I displace the pattern block to its cyber meta level which is closer to a moebius strip, a form adopted as well by Lacan as exemplifying the idea of a torus, or structural self mapping of ideas as formal topologies. My pattern loop is based on Asian carpentry cognates abstractly scrolled, as though I was creating a kind of meta Cyclopean masonry of such fluid loop-arches to brace the reflex arc of the cyber sleeve. Ultimately, the loop block can create patterns, but having done so also reverts to its singular origin of approaching the drawing matrix.
The journal title site nonsite revisited means to recast the Smithsonian conjecture to these meta levels.

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