So (The Wheel and the Seal as Wheal)

Posted by Edwin VanGorder | Mon Aug 24th 2015 7:49 p.m.
The Wheel and the Seal As Wheal
patterns carry the semiotic value of being both sign and signified, just as the meaning of life can be said to be life itself the betoken self realization as a projected whole. Thus at the level of synechdoche the part represents the whole , the whole the part, the pattern block is what it is.
Just as the meaning of philosophy is philosophy itself the value of drawing within the pattern arrives in this series projection of a pattern block by my creation of an alphabet which I then show as pattern.. betokening that the difference between patter and pattern is a mindfullnes which in of itself thus senses concept formation.\
Movie: Alpha Patterns Mona License
Just as the digital media stratifies information patterns as a language evolved of analyzing sight and sound as information architecture so then does drawing within the coin of the realm spin the coin.
The Physicality of an art reflexivity at the aperception of the cyber loop- a language like developmental reflexes: the reflex arc…
In the following drawings I place morphemes, simple two letter combinations that indicate how a pattern relates to motion towards or away a subject in the act of constituting it, in the top register one letter is pitched as a block and another as a pattern, as a combination of mood and mode. In the lower level I mimic the sense of position indicated by the morpheme “preposition”.

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