Anicilla -PreSocratic Apeiron: Motion Sensor Drawing

Posted by Edwin VanGorder | Fri Oct 2nd 2015 12:52 p.m.
That a unified world view can be obtained through flux and conflux as yet a continuum was the PresSocratic ‘Appeiron” (appearance res.) or in our currency monism to unity in which material monism is distributed as pattern, simulacrae of sign and signifier as psychological and physical colloids in which status and state are respective of agency within dualisms and their dialectics.
The word “harmony” reflects this, harmos meaning joint or concordance and the sense of goetia or lower order of considering a continuum in terms of where and when as opposed to the more musical question of why (theuria- theory_ is respectively more like the beat, theory the melody. “Homer deserves to be beaten with a staff”- Heraclitus like “all beasts are driven by blows is a play on the rhabda or rulers rod (arab for example meaning without the staff ie nomadic).. the rod on the one hand is the beat, it may also be syllepsis or touching upon, the variance of meanings and approaches.
I would therefore extend my art etymology of XhX or hu, aspirant borrowed from the Persians which indicates in Greek roar of the crowd or aurora, sight and sound as osmotic, a dualism of phenomenology, ( taken up in the Renaissance as the Paragone controversy over hierarchy of painting and sculpture, touch and sight) Techne, excellence in art is therefore conditioned by tuche- syllepsis and arête, leadership or the Rhabdal-staff is with inititiation into the Myserties directed to a deterritorialization of Homer, a second reading.
Similarly the Bachic tympanum is a different kind of beat, the stretched hide hints at the “alter” where the “net effect” or tableau of a herm, in which there hides placed back over bones propitiate the ghost and thus the semblance to the formative ‘goetia”… the binding, the higher order of theuria is the harmonic through physical and psychological colloids by which dualism is met through dialectics at the orders of thesis and antithesis, and the lacunae, open invitational rhetoric or multiple levels of acces to these opposition on various levels or harmony. XhX –hu are the hues in sight and sound of harmony…
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