virtually Revising Brancusi White Works

Posted by Edwin VanGorder | Mon Oct 5th 2015 1:31 a.m.

In this drawing I am creating a thought experiment exhibition, restaging in different terms one in which the photography of Brancusi was exhibited in the Guggenheim. The idea of Brancusi’s sculpture as focused on the base intrigues me as relating towards the evolution of magic to philosophy in which the term simulacrae, meaning statue per state and status of morphogenic character was in the lower region goeitia, ghost as it were implicative of the artifacts of experience while the upper region of the theurgic, or theory as a kind of immersion. At a time artist often had as theme a “Brancusi show”, using his style, and here I am doing something like this, using a variation on his hour glass theme . His friend, Duchamp, in the Glass similarly used a lower region and higher region, I am adding to this the use of “brackets” as suggesting the philosopher’s bracket as in the essence of Goedels theurum that any statement also refers to itself, the philosopher’s bracket tends to specify that moment in the argument, ie “these” “those”- some indication of the thinkers present moment, state and status if you will..
Brancusi’s photography were documentation and photography means “writing” in light. My interest is towards revising the weight of “graphos” which means I write… I draw… towards the latter via cyber motion sensor drawing.
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