Philosophic and Virtual "Arguments" Apologia

Posted by Edwin VanGorder | Mon Oct 19th 2015 12:56 p.m.
Tracy;- Rhizome; and Dia Foundations
If one considers a philosophical position (argument) in relation to a software virtuality as comparable paradigms with or without Ghost in the Machine(philosophic bracket) and reflect through (“dia”) there then emerges to this dialogue or trialogue the rogue “art and language as thinking therein by which interpolation and interpellation parse not spell the rhetorical dimension of which ethos pathos and dialectic turn discourse as reflection and transpose of that argument between mind and material as virtuality alike to perception of which all manner of dualisms regroup a conflux recognizing motion towards and away an object (constructive) argument as the conditions inviting an osmotic immersion or “theuiria” over” goetia” (tangible traces) such that a topologh endeavors morphogenic vectors through the morphological.
The idea is to do a series of works relating the apologia of philosophical argument to the embedding of software arguments for materiality. The Center panel borrow the idea of an environmental niche by embedding material arguments towards glass block, embossing and sandstone (sands-tone) as tonics. The panels relate the idea of “constriction” and trope: constriction as of transdisciplinary modes as dialectic and discourse and compression- I compress pictures into stripes while relating them to the ground as movements of de-construction,de-territorialization,exlusion(philosophic bracket) and morphological arrows, and the palimpsest of strange loops of torus.
xclusion Argument of Event and Recombinant Aesthetics
Here I have used a software”argument” that corresponds to a philosophical argument- both use the term “exclusion”: the exlusion principle in philosophy is that of Aestheticism- art for art’s sake: or “Ghost in the Machine”- that in looking for a motivation one gives one’s own philosophic bracket which adds a layer of quarrying just as one is attempting to excavate… the software argument or parameters are using the chromatic and value scale together, but reversing the direction… the color goes to its complement and the value to its opposite…
I may for example add to this another panel which is an “artifact”, a “Clone” brush has one foot in the left panel which uses it like a palette while drawing on the other panel…
Recombinant Aesthetics is a term borrowed by Seaman in his works and writings on issues of identity immersion and generativity, Eventua Aesthetics is a term coined by Amanda Wong towards her interest in space of operations dominant realization, together they are as Bal links the terms Space&Time Inc.- true to the idea of a simulacrae diegetic beyond mimesis as representation but continuing the motion of the somatic condition of semiotics perhaps Space and Time Conflux…

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