Interspherence Patterns

Posted by Edwin VanGorder | Sat Oct 31st 2015 4:42 p.m.

A snow crystal and an antigen are alike rather crystalline readings of structural matrix… the first is an open system, the machine as it were that makes the flake is in atmospheric conditions that in the very making alter the machine- no pattern is possible, whereas the antigen is a closed system meaning patterned- it does read something that reproduces… a laser beam there- fore is the intersection of open and closed crystaline systems in which the self altering condenses, the condensation is a topographical variant of “pattern”… The subconscious, as virtuality centered conception meets these conditions on its own: closed- it edits uncomfortable information- open- its is transference or the infinite variety of creative combinations.
The idea of entropy is actually generated entirely by human consciousness; it is a kind of reading that allows us to make sense, therefore motion sensor drawing takes this conditionality to a meta level which actually is its origin. The condensations of the beam of light reorganizes the photograph as I draw and I write (Photo- graph- literally means this) towards compression, the sea origins paradigm placed motion in fluid mechanics, motion itself inverts space, and draws the vacuum, the slip stream, which later land structures regrouped to the also compression levels of materials in their valences of spatial tiering creating relative hardness, softness, and attendant qualities of like morphology and topology.
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