REMINDER: Contribute to The Lost Object Project

Posted by Rebecca Bird Grigsby | Thu Mar 29th 2007 2:18 p.m.

Accepting submissions INDEFINITELY for an ongoing online exhibition of virtual memorials dedicated to inanimate objects @


Contribute to The Lost Object Project
Virtual Memorials for Inanimate Objects

Collecting images and stories about objects that are lost, missing,
or otherwise no longer in our possession for an ongoing online
exhibition of virtual memorials.

It all started with a lost briefcase. After I graduated from
college, my grandfather insisted I have a traditional briefcase.
The gift was much appreciated in thought but proved mostly useless.
A cross-country move several years later eventually forced me to
part with the briefcase, donating it, among many other objects, to
the Salvation Army. That was a couple of years ago. My
grandfather died recently and all I can think about is that briefcase.

By creating a virtual memorial for my lost briefcase and sharing my
story, I honor my grandfather's gift and, to some extent, confess
my guilt over getting rid of it. As I started to tell people my
story, I was struck by their response, which involved, in most
cases, immediately sharing with me a similar story about an object
that they had lost or misplaced. This project was designed to
contemplate, through the emergent content of analog and online
submissions from my immediate community and beyond, the irrational
affection we often feel towards inanimate objects as well as the
narrative and meaning that get attached to these otherwise mundane
things over time, qualities that can become heightened in an
object's loss or absence.

The website provides a space for people to observe as well as share
their stories about and images of their lost objects. You are
invited to browse the virtual memorials and participate in the
project at


The Lost Object Project
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