digital "painting"

Posted by Jeffrey Heart | Tue Jul 7th 2009 4:36 p.m.


Now that I have signed up for rhizome which involved verifying my humanity, I have some things to show, and also some questions.

First I'll show a set of work that I recently completed on which to use in this discussion:

I am very interested in digital art, but am also very interested in the painted image. Often, they don't seem to go hand in hand in the art world. The few successful 'digital painters' I have found, are completely abstract (not a negative thing), and print their work to canvas. t also always seems like the medium and their method is more important than their paintings themselves and their imagery.

David Hockney is perhaps my favorite example. He writes about digital painting in his book: Thats the way I see it And talks about some benefits and how it is like printmaking.

He also prints out his digital work and has it sold. He had some showing at the last Miami Basel and I saw them.

Other painters like Albert Oehlen have made images on the computer and then painted from them. Are there any painters out there who work on the computer, and keep it in the computer?

Also, how is an artist who ie. solely works in this manner going to make a living?


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