Posted by John McArdle | Tue Dec 22nd 2009 10:58 a.m.

I have to appologize to Vijay Pattisapu, he made a comment once to me that was simple "suck my balls" ( his words) I took offence. Now that I see the intellectual content of his posts I feel humbled. The next time an "enlightened intellectual being" such as Vijay Pattisapu makes any comment whatsoever whether deragotory negative or insulting. I will Take it as a Supernatural sign from Krishna himself that I should humble myself in silent worship and humilty to such a said "enlightened being" Tonite in celebration for the upcoming holiday of christmas,I will get naked slather myself in used motor oil (S.A.E. 30W) Ashes from the Fire of burnt plastic from china and mexico where they burned computer mother boards for gold. I will celebrate the wonder of this marvelous universe and the stupidity of mankind in general (collectively speaking.) To appreciate a once clean and beautiful non- polluted, non- carcinogenic, non-toxic,non radio-active pristene planet called EARTH. MERRY solstice kwanza YULE! BY ALL means! TRAMPLE someone to death at a Walmart on long Island To get that Fuzzy elmo doll for your grandchild in manhattan. One final comment JEEPERS FECKEN CHRISTMAS? wheres YODA when you need Him? Hip HIP HOORAY! VIJAY!
  • Vijay Pattisapu | Sat Jan 2nd 2010 12:59 p.m.
    yoinks...been a while since I've been here
    wedding cakes in paper frills
    love set you off ticking like a fat gold watch
    " "
    why so serious?
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