share @ the kitchen

Posted by Mark Tribe | Sun Mar 16th 2003 4:02 a.m.

share <> is a participatory sound event that has been
taking place at open air, a bar in nyc, most sunday nights for the past
couple of years. last night and tonight they did their thing at the
kitchen, an old-school alternative space in nyc with a black box theater
and a good sound system. the idea is anybody can show up with a laptop and
make music or video. the signals are mixed down into a beautiful chaotic
flow of sounds and images. tonight there were maybe thirty artists
participating: mostly laptops, but also an analog oscillator, an electric
guitar, a thumb piano... it was wonderful.
  • Lewis LaCook | Sun Mar 16th 2003 8:53 p.m.
    y'know, post 911, i was coming back to richmond after spending a weekend in new orleans...i'd just bought a beautiful little mbira (thumb piano), and wanted to take it on the plane as carryon---well, security didn't like that idea...they had no clue what it was, and wondered if maybe i could take those metal sticks out and hurt people?

    i assured them, no, it's a musical instrument, f'r chrissakes---and finally convinced them to let me go on board---

    beware of mbira-yielding terrorists!

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