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Posted by Mark Tribe | Wed Mar 19th 2003 10:58 p.m.

Courtesy of Ricardo Dominguez:

>NEW YORK (CBS.MW) -- Reuters launched an Internet service Wednesday to
>offer unnarrated war-related video footage and live news conferences,
>government briefings and other events.
>The service is free but is expected to become a paid offering in the
>future, the company said.
>The new offering
>"captures the scale of Reuters editorial operation and unrivaled
>expertise of our reporting team in and around Iraq," said Rich Sabreen,
>an executive vice president at Reuters (RTRSY). He said the news service
>has 150 journalists in the Middle East covering the Iraq story.
>Reuters does not plan to make the channel a fulltime venture after an
>Iraq conflict's end. The "raw video" service is expected to be made
>available "from time to time in conjunction with specific activities and
>world events," the company said.
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