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Posted by Mark Tribe | Tue Apr 1st 2003 9:18 p.m.

>Subject: E-culture fair II **call for proposals**
>Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 13:59:23 +0100
>From: "Martine" <martine@virtueelplatform.nl>
>Dear collegues,
>Virtual Platform is preparing the second E-culture Fair right now (the
>event is taking place October 23 and 24). This unique event will bring
>together the state of the art in new media culture from the leading media
>labs, cultural organizations, design teams and artists from the
>Netherlands, Europe and beyond. Futhermore collaboration between various
>cultural disciplines and sectors will be explored, such as education,
>social and community organizations, commercial partners, and scientific
>Since you are involved in interesting new and evolving projects and
>ongoing r&d, I would be very pleased if you would take a look at the call
>for proposals (attachment), and if you would consider participation of
>your organization in the E-culture Fair, or if you could pass it on to
>others you know.
>Also we are preparing a working-conference that will take place alongside
>the fair. If you are interested in actively participating in that we would
>be very pleased to know.
>Thanks very much and hoping to hear from you,
>Kind regards,
>Martine Posthuma de Boer,
>Virtual Platform
>Call for Proposals - E-Culture Fair II - October 23 and 24, 2003
>Deadline for proposals: April 15, 2003
>--E-Culture Fair II--
>Virtual Platform is organizing the second E-Culture Fair on October 23 and
>24, 2003.
>This follow-up to the highly successful E-Culture Fair 2000 will present
>the most recent international developments from the new media/contemporary
>culture interface to a large, wide-ranging audience. We aim to show the
>most varied possible range of developments from the borders between media
>and art, the creative industries, science, and commerce, placed in a broad
>social context.
>--Working conference--
>Alongside the fair, a working conference for professionals in the field
>(artists, representatives of cultural organizations and media labs,
>scientists, critics, academics and policy makers), will act as a focal
>point for sharing expertise. A goal-oriented choice of inspiring examples
>and stimulating questions will help launch discussion and reflection in
>small working groups.
>--What kind of projects?--
>We are looking for creative and innovative applications that transcend and
>challenge ordinary ICT products and ICT use. E-Culture Fair II will focus
>specifically on the extensive research and development that precedes the
>realization of innovative new-media applications. The emphasis will be on
>new products, projects and work-in-progress, and on the national and
>international collaboration between various cultural disciplines and
>sectors such as education, social and community organizations, commercial
>partners, and scientific institutions.
>--In what form should projects be?--
>About 40 stands for project presentations will be set up, spread between
>the Melkweg, Paradiso and the Balie, in the city centre, the cultural and
>entertainment heart of Amsterdam. In addition, there will be space for
>larger interactive installations, performances, screenings and network
>projects, for which various locations and spaces will be provided.
>The projects can be in any of the following areas. Note that these themes
>(working titles only) are to serve as general indications, and should not
>be seen as restricting submissions.
>-'Mixed reality': the floating boundary between physical space and media.
>-'Disappearing computer': 'pervasive computing', smart objects, wearables,
>wireless networks.
>-'New media and performance': new forms of interactivity and public
>participation in dance, 'live art', theatre and music, research into new
>interfaces (including body-based interfaces), and ways in which generated
>data can be used (data-mapping).
>-'High bandwidth, streaming, hybrid media': shared online environments,
>new forms of interaction, linking of live events in various locations.
>-'Play, learn, experience': the game as a form of expression, computer
>animation, special effects, new narrative structures, new educational
>--Procedure and selection--
>Proposals for projects and presentations should be sent by April 15 to:
>The accompanying form is intended for submissions. The form is also
>available online at: www.virtueelplatform.nl
>In the month following April 15, Virtual Platform and the editorial board
>of the E-Culture Fair will make a selection from the project proposals
>submitted. The selection will be announced no later than May 15. We will
>contact the successful entrants.
>--Editorial board--
>Cathy Brickwood (Virtueel Platform), Lucas Evers (de Balie), Bruno Felix
>(Submarine), Heiner Holtappels (NIM-Montevideo/TBA), Eric Kluitenberg (de
>Balie), Anne Nigten (V2), Kristi van Riet (Doors of Perception), Roland
>Spekle (Steim), Marleen Stikker (Waag Society).
>--Virtual Platform--
>The E-Culture Fair is organized by the Virtual Platform, a network
>organization based in Amsterdam with four years' experience in
>investigating new media and culture, advising policy makers, and bringing
>about exchange and co-operation between the cultural sector and other
>players in the ICT field. The Virtual Platform draws on close
>collaboration with leading cultural new media organizations in the
>Netherlands and Europe. The Virtual Platform partners are: the Balie,
>Steim, Doors of Perception, Nederlands Instituut voor
>Mediakunst-Montevideo/Time Based Arts, Paradiso, Submarine, V2, and Waag
>For more information on the Virtual Platform, see:
>For the first E-Culture Fair, see:
>Virtual Platform
>Martine Posthuma de Boer
>Tel: +31 (0)20-6273758
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