Let the Bidding Begin!


As part of an annual fundraising campaign, San Francisco experimental venue New Langton Arts is selling parts of art web sites on Ebay. Why not entire projects? Richard Rinehart of New Langton explains the organization's intention 'to play' with the notion of collecting the intangible, and barely sell-able net.art. So, support new media art, and build an innovative collection with a discrete page, pixel, or 'virtual point' from works by Sonya Rapoport, Lisa Jevbratt and Richard Rinehart and Shawn Brixley, respectively. But hurry, the auction is only on through the 12th of December, and I already placed my bid on the page from Rapoport's 1998 gender-expose 'Arbor Erecta: A Botanical Concept for Masculinity.' -- Rachel Greene