Plane Food


Did you take a close look at what you are over the holidays? If you traveled on a plane, chances are you scarfed down some of the scrumptious meals catalogued on Dutch designer, Marco \'T Hart\'s site, Featuring thousands of pictures of airline food ranging from rolled pancakes on Aero Mexico to dim sum on China\'s DragonAir, the site encourages travelers to upload their own images and experiences of in-flight culinary fare. If that\'s not enough to wet your appetite, there\'s also a behind the scenes tour of flight food preparation, reviews of airport restaurants, vintage delicacies from the 70\'s and 80\'s, and an upcoming section of crew meals. My favorites include a picture of an empty tray on the UK\'s EasyJet which doesn\'t serve food and the \"egg boiled in soy sauce\" served aboard Xiamen Airlines. Yum! Flying never tasted so good. -Jonah Brucker-Cohen