Remote Responses


What might a group of new media artists come up with when left in the Scottish Highlands for a few weeks? r a d i o q u a l i a worked on a service broadcasting sounds captured from planets and objects in the solar system. Thomson & Craighead proposed the twinning of Newtonmore and Las Vegas. Driving the most dangerous road in Britain occupied Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes, while Cavan Convery put a new spin on the traditional 'interpretative panel.' Organised by New Media Scotland, the exhibition at Iona Gallery in Kingussie, Scotland was followed by a one-day forum at The Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh), that brought the artists together with leading media academics to question the urban monopoly on new technologies and the idea of 'rural' as 'remote.' The artists' presentations were interesting, but the event could have been more cohesive if keynote speakers had addressed the conference theme and participating artists' work. - Helen Varley Jamieson