Where is e-Literature Going?


Get ready for the first conference of the Electronic Literature Organization, a group that promotes, you guessed it, e-literature. Entitled "State of the Arts," the gathering takes place from April 4-6 at the University of California, Los Angeles. The lineup of speakers and panelists is impressive, consisting of heavyweights in the field, including novelist Robert Coover. Some questions that will be addressed: "What approaches are writers and authors taking to the creation of electronic literature?" and "What new genres and forms are beginning to evolve?" Program titles indicate that the events will also be quite technical...offerings include "Navigating the Borders: Edges and Interfaces" and "Technique: Tools for Cross-fertilization and Interactivity." Another angle to be looked at: the academic point of view, at "Role of Universities and Colleges," which promises to examine how e-literature is shaping into a critical discipline.