Freeing the Media?


This weekend, join in on the launch of the "Free.The.Media Summit," which will examine how democracy and public space can be established online. Tomorrow night, Saturday, March 9, the event kicks off at Name.Space.Lab at 11 East 4th Street in New York. From 7pm-2am, refreshments and dialogue will be served up. Those up for a debate will be net artists Diane Ludin and Ricardo Dominguez, among others, as well as media theorist/guru types such as John Perry Barlow and Howard Reingold (the latter two via appropriate). Saturday's talk will cover such topics as how to end corporate and government domination of media, as well as focus on an examination of ICANN (the institution that determines domain names) and its possible parallel to the World Trade Organization. Fired up? Can't attend in person? Then send whatever you need to say or show and tell to Your messages will be played, read, projected during the Summit, and posted on the FREE.THE.MEDIA website.