How To Be Self-Sustaining


If you receive Net Art News, you're a Rhizome member, and likely familiar with our preference for multi-lateral, not top-down, decision making. In the spirit of community consensus, we're asking all Rhizomers to take part in a mission-critical survey about paying annual membership fees. There are many issues motivating this survey: arts funding in the United States, Rhizome's history as a non-hierarchical project, our current size (over 19K members) and programming roster, and Web-community and content traditions. Please contribute your opinion via our survey at YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO THE SITE TO PARTICIPATE. It's worth noting that thus far, very few Rhizomers, at least those active on Rhizome Raw, are opposed to paying membership fees. Please register your input on how to sustain our new media art community: participate!! -- Rachel Greene