Against the Duopoly of Coke and Pepsi


Wolfgang Staehle began trying to sell digital images via in the early-mid 90s. John Simon Jr. and Olia Lialina created their own boutiques around 1997: these were other pioneering efforts to establish markets outside established channels. Now there is another proverbial can of soda in the vending machine, ArtLexis. Interesting features of their model: most images are available as economical open-edition multiples which they print-on-demand; and many are inexpensively priced to move as JPEG downloads. Purveyors seem to have anticipated critiques: the FAQ is bustling with opinions on pixel logic, the art object and commodification. Seems ArtLexis knows if they're working with media artists, they're dealing with an engaged and often critically-minded group. By the way, they're actively seeking submissions -- details on the site. -- Rachel Greene