Nerdy Rock n' Rave


America's most endearing geek chic collectives, PaperRad and Beige Programming Ensemble, along with their digi-rock n' rave bands, Extreme Animals and Dr. Doo (Paper Rad) and the 8-Bit Construction Set (BEIGE) recently embarked on their Summer of HTML tour. Events kicked off with BEIGE member Cory Arcangel's exhibition of hacked computer cartridges and prints at TEAM Gallery in Chelsea, New York. The 8 Bit Construction Set performed too -- their video act uses outmoded 8-bit technologies (such as Nintendo and Commodore 69 gaming systems) to generate electronic music and digital abstractions. PaperRad's bands Extreme Animals and Dr. Doo played audio thrash in front of Flash cartoons that sample diverse pop-cultural sources to express states of consumer ecstasy. If all that weren't enough, Power Point presentations about the history of computing and 90's MTV enhance the colorful scene. Catch the North American tour while you can -- details on the site. - Matt Wolf