Celling subRosa


Rosa is a name popular with feminist heroines, which is the reason why it's been adopted by reproducible cyberfeminist cell subRosa. Focussing on biotechnologies and information networks, and their impact on women's bodies, lives, and work, subRosa combines art and activism in campaigns, sneak attacks, publications, media interventions and public forums. Their site details a plethora of actions in various media and locations since 1998. 2003 will see the publication of a book, 'Domain Errors: Cyberfeminist Practices,' on the intersections of cyberfeminism, postcolonial issues and digital technologies. Why is subRosa talked about as a 'reproducible cell?' Well, subRosa invites you to take up the logo and name, and grow your very own subRosa cell as part of this mutating, proactive, feminist network. - Helen Varley Jamieson