Debt Free with Site and Sass


Keith Obadike auctioned off his blackness at Ebay. John Freyer sold his personal possessions at And Karyn erased her $20,000 credit card debt in less than 5 months thanks to the generosity of total strangers. You may be asking yourself is this for real (also the first question in Karyn's FAQ section), and she responds: "I really am a chick who asked for help to pay off her credit card debt, and it really did work!" is not a symbolic art act nor is it a parody of female stereotypes. It is a sincere sales-pitch that turned into a small enterprise. Now that the debt is gone Karyn sells "SaveKaryn" merchandise (t-shirts, Frisbees and lunchboxes) and gives kudos to "SaveKaryn" spin-off sites that abound. Karyn dug herself into a money pit thanks to a shopping disorder and wiggled her way out via a barebones site and a little side of sass. --Brooke Singer