Play it Again, RAM!


If you thought blips and bleeps could only be produced by out-dated video game equipment, think again. Press Play On Tape, Copenhagen's premier Commodore 64 revival band, are sure to turn a few fragged heads. Using live instruments to emulate their childhood relics, this sextet churns out booty-shaking 8-bit sounds like the themes to 'Out Run', 'Ghost'n Goblins', and 'Commando'. Their website features a plethora of MP3s, photos from live shows, set lists, bios featuring favorite game picks, and even a their own 'Boy Band' video ready for download. Just on the edge of geek-chic, PPOT fills the musical void of trading code for congos. Who knows -- next up might be an acoustic version of Pac-Man Fever. -Jonah Brucker-Cohen