Who is Reading This? Was Someone Else BCC'd?


BCC, Flash animations by Motomichi Nakamura, has a palette of just four colors: red, grey, black, and white. The colors reference the influences of the Japan-born, New York-dwelling artist: Japanese manga, the Russian avante-garde, and 1920s Dutch design. In each of the four narratives, arresting visuals relate dark, humorous tales of technology--imbued misunderstanding or miscommunication. One animation opens with a couple holding hands, seemingly happy. In seconds they are driven apart by a litiginous mailing list moderator, who exhorts rules in two languages to drive the lessons of netiquette home. Details aren't provided on the lovers and how they breached regulations. But, BCC still manages to highlight delicate emotions and intricate interactions amid the regimens of net culture. -- Rachel Greene