Radical Software Resurfaces


In the space of Net Art News, one can only enumerate a couple of reasons why the online publication of all issues of 1970s video journal Radical Software is so exciting and relevant: One, the ability to recognize artistic uses of televisual and satellite circuitry has only gotten easier and more important given the aesthetics of net art and tactical media. There are many dialogues to be shared here. Two, Radical Software published issues in which video shared edges with more anthropological themes -- media ecology, San Francisco culture, art for kids, activism, etc. -- contemporary art publications rarely allow these latitudes. The Radical Software archive has an introductory essay by David Ross, a history written by video artist Davidson Gigliotti, and allows users to browse or search PDF articles. Anyway, I gotta go -- writing 'thank you' emails to Davidson Gigliotti et al for making this web site and Radical Software come (back) to life. -- Rachel Greene