Art and Science On the Go


There have been many momentous developments in global economics, transnational mobility and information technology during the last several years, so it's not surprising that artists have been compelled to respond and reflect upon them. This year, the 50th Venice Biennale will include an ongoing project called Makrolab that was begun by Slovenian artist Marko Peljhan in 1994. Makrolab, which will be situated on Campalto Island in Venice Lagoon from June through September, is a working laboratory powered by solar and wind-based energy that facilitates research into the intersections of technology, ecology, and communication. Some of the areas of study include: network-centric identities; non-linear data display and usage; local ecology awareness. Makrolab is scheduled to operate in its mobile form until 2007, when it will be permanently sited in the Antarctic and run by a transnational organization. -Ryan Griffis