DAC Gets Blogged


Australia's first major academic conference on streaming media, computer games and game culture, hypertext & interactive film begins on May 19th. The 5-day Melbourne DAC +streaming wor(l)ds+, hosted at RMIT University, Melbourne, promises academic papers, artist talks, public forums and performances. Alongside the conference is +playengines+, a survey exhibition of recent computer art games, streaming and interactive media projects, featuring work by major Australian and international artists. The conference web site has been created as a blog in order to promote process over content and document the event, and the organisers plan to experiment with live blogging during the conference. Torill Mortensen, of Volda College in Norway, blogs on the homepage, "it is the first time I blog the conference and the first time I do so in moveable type." Sounds like something worth keeping an eye on (unless you suffer from migraines). - Helen Varley Jamieson.