Rhizome Needs You


Do you believe that roots and nodes should help sustain and nourish the larger organism they constitute? Do you value Net Art News enough to make a contribution to Rhizome so we can, for example, pay Net Art News writers for their labor? We hope so, and we need your help sustaining Rhizome.org. The organization is aiming to raise $37,000 by February 1st, and we are about one-seventh of the way there. Those who give more than $5 will be eligible for individual memberships and can subscribe to other lists such as Rhizome Raw, Rhizome Rare, and Rhizome Digest. Members are eligible to win Rhizome Net Art Commissions (the call for proposals will be circulated next week) and those who give more than $15 will receive a 10-20% discount in the New Museum of Contemporary Art's Store. It sells books, art editions, gifts, jewelry, children's merchandise, and gifts. Browse the Store here: http://www.newmuseum.org/comersus/store/comersus_dynamicIndex.asp. But don't get too caught up shopping -- we need your support at Rhizome now!