Cease & Persist


Tomorrow, Thursday, October 2nd, the San Francisco Media Arts Council (SFMAC) and the SFMOMA will host the panel 'Copy Art: The Impact of Copyright on New Media Art,' offering a welcome counter-balance to the litigious anti-pirates and ahistorical corporate view-points presently hogging public discussions of intellectual property rights. As copyright law is re-interpreted in relation to developing cultural practices and distribution technologies, this event promises to address the changes pertinent to new media artists and forms . A diverse group of artists and scholars will discuss, from progressive legal and art-historical perspectives, the history of appropriative art as well as legal strategies for the protection and sharing of creative works. Panelists include Lawrence Lessig of public domain activist organization Creative Commons; DJ, sound and visual artist Christian Marclay; and art historian/cultural theorist Jennifer Gonzalez. Moderator Linda Jacobson is chief officer of Glass House Studio, LLC (a provider of interactive visualization services) and a board member of SFMAC. The event begins at 7PM, and reservations are recommended. -- Johanna Fateman