Boyfriend in Latvia


The Canadian duo Boyfriend (Bernadette Houde and Maija Martin) spent last May at the RIXC New Media Centre in Riga, Latvia creating one song a day and keeping an online journal of the day's experiment. They included detailed technical notes, as the demystification of electronic music production was a stated aim of the project, but also offered a view into the aesthetic and personal quirks of their collaboration. On Day 6 angelic voices of feminist irritation float above a saccharine beat in a pauseless recitation of the 47 male names listed as participants in Mutek's conference 'Assessing the Current Status of Electronic Music in Canada.' This track found it's way on to the compilation CD accompanying the second issue of New York feminist art journal LTTR, along with a minimal-but-ravey cover of the Indigo Girls' 'Prince of Darkness' by another of Bernadette Houde's projects, the Montreal-based band Lesbians on Ectasy. -- Johanna Fateman