Show Me Your Blips


The mining of gameboys for sick beats has grown into a genre-spanning practice and, undeterred by Nintendo's non-inclusive language, women do it too. While the detournement of videogame sounds was most prominent in the broken beat, digital hardcore, and glitch movements of the nineties, the new school often eschews the dystopic arcade clamor of its predecessors. Tasmanian-raised, London-based artist Lektrogirl (AKA Emma Davidson) serves on the directory board of, a stylistically diverse (well, kind of) online community for artists to share and discuss low tech and videogame-derived electronic music. Her evil/sweet bubble tracks can heard on the micromusic site and her album 'I Love My Computer' -- made on an Ensoniq SQ80 and recorded to (gasp!) cassette -- is out on Richard D. James' 'braindance' label Rephlex. As if that weren't enough, she is also a founding member of Lektrolab, a women's collective that organizes DJ workshops and parties. -- Johanna Fateman