A Pain in my SSID


Once any new technology is unveiled, someone will find a way to make it painful. Taking this a bit too literally is Christophe Bruno, whos latest project, 'WiFi-SM,' features a plan for a WiFi-enabled, wearable patch that dishes a powerful jolt of electricity. How does it work? After connecting to a public node, the chip scans up to 4,000 news sources looking for keywords such as 'murder,' 'death,' and 'kill.' If they're found, the chip triggers a shock so wearers can 'feel' global pain. If participants want to personalize the experience, the product's built-in P2P (Pain-to-Pain) technology allows them to adjust pain thresholds and define their own keywords. Since it's a patch, one can also decide where it goes on the body. My personal keywords would probably be "George Bush", and I think you know where it would be placed. -Jonah Brucker-Cohen