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So much net art, so little time! But never fear -- Patrick Lichty and Christiane Paul are back to help you sort out the latest online offerings with a fresh batch of articles from the current issue of intelligent agent. Visit the DEMO Scene and track Weston Hilton's Atari Globetrotter as it travels the planet; click on the Generativity thread and learn about the history and contemporary applications of algorithmic art; or read about how laptop computers are making waves, good and bad, in the reception of electronic music. You'll find reviews of exhibitions, festivals, books and new developments in the tech sector, and of course there's Free Radical, where you never know what you'll find. The site is easy to navigate, with easy access to recent and archived issues as far back as 1996, although some of the earliest are only available in print format. Lots of open access goodies here, available in html and pdf. Could it get much better? - Peggy MacKinnon