Spyware and Trojans and Worms, Oh My!


So who hasn't been suckered by a computer virus? Most of us have, and it's a pain in the ass - private citizen or multinational corporation, no one is immune. If you've been on the receiving end too long and feel like wreaking your own cyber mayhem you can unleash your demons at Digitalcraft.org. Produced by a team led by Frankfurt-based Franziska Nori and supported by Tokyo's Trend Micro, I Love You [rev.eng] is an interdisciplinary exploration of the computer virus in all its myriad incarnations - as sociocultural phenomenon, as work of art, and as an expression of the internet as democratic medium. Viewers can explore the aesthetics of computer viruses in a hands-on way with installations that let you infect data yourself, assemble your own viruses and witness the inner workings of a simulated global virus outbreak. Sneha Solankis‚ 'The Lovers' sees two computers infect each other, while 'Obfuscated C Codes' presents hotdog programmers at their finest. The show breaks out at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, from September 11th to October 4th before spreading to the Museum for Communication in Copenhagen, Denmark, where it will continue to fester from October 7th to November 14th. - Peggy MacKinnon