Memories of the Future


Ars Electronica's 't+25 timeline' project is part of the festival's 25th anniversary celebration, and is in accordance with this year's theme, 'TIMESHIFT - the World in Twenty-Five Years.' The site asks viewers to make predictions of what is to come over the next 25 years, and/or to vote on the validity of predictions others have already made. Although Philip K. Dick might've warned against such predictions (in nearly all of his books and short stories, when I think about it), without Jules Verne's dreams of the Nautilus, who knows when we would have ventured 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? But surfing these would-be sci-fi writers online might not show what you expect; so far, and in line with growing distaste for the current US administration amongst digital communities, nearly all of the entries are cynical big-brother-like predictions of corporations, AIDS and Bushes still ruling the world. Oh, but apparently one good thing is that Linux eventually wins out over Windows. - Nathaniel Stern