Art Idol


Whilst artist-cum-business woman replic**t's merger between art and commerce remains as elusive as her identity and merchandise, it seems San Francisco based artist and curator Marisa Olson is through to the next round! Her American Idol Audition blog documenting her, hopefully successful, American Idol audition campaign promises to make her quite the star! Of course one could say that Warhol has been there and printed the T-shirt, and post dotcoms/dotstore, who's interested? - but is this new wave of pop peddlers pushing something different? In the e-age of access and freedom of speech, where networked critique reigns, are artists bored with diluted discourse and hunting more visible validators? And if so is Simon Cowell, successful business man and forthright critic, what they (talent) are searching for? Forget 'society of the spectacle', with the often terse talk on mailing lists, are we heading for the vanguard of vitriol? And do we want caustic criticism over creative commons? Well Olson's public blog could become an invaluable resource ;-) and might just provide some relief from the fever pitch of the America's bigger political talent search! - Charlotte Frost