Rebooting Gender Protocols


'We are in need of a book which reflects the actual (and future) state of the art of thinking about, and inventing, the digital medium in its capacity to subvert cultural practices a cyberfeminist perspective can provide.' This was the ambitious call from editors Claudia Reiche and Verena Kuni but, as they anticipated, they were inundated with contributions. A stringent policy was applied and the editors selected only those articles that were clearly situated in the cyber realm or that documented artistic and political practices in which the computer is integral (more than an email and typewriter tool). The result is 'Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols', 18 chapters with intriguing titles such as 'Cyber@rexia: Anorexia and Cyberspace,' 'Female-Bobs Arrive at Dusk' and 'If Cyberfeminism is a Monster... then Clitoris Visibility = true.' Available from Autonomedia, 'Cyberfeminism: Next Protocols' will sit happily on your bookshelf alongside the recently published 'Domain Errors!'--the latter dealing with gender in relation to technology in the broader sense, and this new collection focusing on reformulating gender specifically within the digital medium. - Helen Varley Jamieson