Martin Heidegger wrote that the true essence of a tool shines through at the moment when it breaks. The Barcelona-based Joystick collective takes this insight to its logical conclusion for internet art. On their website, in addition to theoretical texts and records of their various performances, one can find Joystick's ERROR project, an 'investigation of the aesthetics of glitches.' The ongoing project takes as its starting point 'The Raw Archive,' a collection of images, video and sound files. Each captures a particular slip-up in the digital process, removing it from its original context and reframing it as art. One favorite is a brief clip, tagged as a 'video compression error:' prismatic blocks of color seeth and slide apart while the ghostly forms of nude women flicker in and out, barely perceptible amidst the shimmering noise. Joystick's ultimate goal is to explore the patterns in the glitches that their fans send them in further works of art--so if you are ever frustrated with your computer's misfires, be sure to send them Joystick's way! - Ben Davis