Lost In The Blog


For those of us creating or reading blogs, using our RSS aggregators, always looking for those collections of useful, interesting, odd, and fun bits of information, it's all about filtering. Those feeds keep us from having to go to all those web sites we read regularly, which could take days the old fashioned way (yes, I'm still on dial-up). The media arts organization Eyebeam has decided to filter further the filtered with a new project called reBlog. reBlog features posts from a select group of other blogs relevant to art, technology and culture. The R&D; Team at Eyebeam has hacked the popular blog creating and retrieval software packages Movable Type and Feed On Feeds so that a guest 'curator,' or reBlogger, can select and republish their posts of choice. It's a curated exhibition of information. Or maybe it's more like sampling. Either way, the reBlogger of the moment is Eyebeam's own Director of R&D;, Jonah Peretti. -- Ryan Griffis