Playing to Change the World


If you've always suspected that the conflicts and inequalities of contemporary society are not as inevitable as the politicians would have us believe, bring your ideas for a better world to agoraXchange. Launching today, 15 March 2004, agoraXchange is a collaborative online game project devised by artist Natalie Bookchin and political theorist Jacqueline Stevens. After two years of soliciting global input, a panel will assess the contributions and develop three game prototypes to be made available for discussion. The ultimate outcome will be the creation of a massive free online player game that critiques the institutions of family, nationhood and birthright, and provides a forum for the creative visioning of a world where political institutions no longer perpetuate war and inequality. The project has been commissioned by the Tate Online and financed by the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology. - Dulcie Mainwaring