RastaSoft, Word!


Open software scenes and discourse often seem the exclusive domains of male, hypertechnical, indie types. Further, free software rhetoric is usually devoid of cultural metaphor or subcultural reference. It's time we all were aware of Jaromil, apparently a programming genius who presents his warez in the context of Rastafarian, as well as open software, ethics. On his site he writes 'the roots of Rasta culture can be found in Resistance to slavery. This software is one step in the struggle for Redemption and Freedom. This software stands up in the fight for digital rights! And Much blessings in Jah luv to all those who still resist. Selah.' Not sure if there will be popular enthusiasm in the programming community for the more explicitly 'rasta' aspects of Jaromil's practice but I personally encourage it. Seems to bolster this coder's convictions and what in Jah's name is wrong with honest and personal methodologies? I don't want to make too much of the Rastafarian motifs, because they don't dominate the impressive GNU/Linux softwares for musicians Jaromil has developed. However, it will be interesting to see how these 'poytrics' (politics in rasta) translate into public consciousness in the free software setting. -- Rachel Greene