Is geek chic the new face of Pop cool? Examining how recent art made with video games, tv and film updates the agendas of Pop Art, POP_REMIX, an exhibition which opens at SF Camerawork on May 11 and runs through June 12, says Yes. For this multi-media show, curator Marisa S. Olson selected artists who share strategies of appropriation and re-presentation with original non-originals like Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg. One of the events to kick off POP_REMIX is 'A Video Game Saved My Life', a talk/performance by two of the exhibiting artists, Cory Arcangel and Alex Galloway, both from New York. The two will guide the audience through a basic video game hack and present recent work, including their joint project Low Level All Stars, a compilation of graffiti 'sprayed' onto early Commodore 64 games. Other highlights include: Arcangel's presentation of two Beige vids 'Totally Fucked' and 'Naptime' which feature Nintendo icon Mario atop a lone blinking-question-mark-block and fast asleep; and Galloway's demonstration of his jolting Prepared Playstation sequences which exploit bugs in the game Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 to leave the hopeless avatars in looping, perpetual glitches. 'A Video Game Saved My Life' takes place today, Monday May 10th at 7pm at Broadcom Corporation, 190 Mathilda Place in Sunnyvale. - Lauren Cornell