31536000 Seconds Of Fame


Visitors to the web-based project '1 Year Performance Video' are invited to log in and view Mark Rivers and T. Whid living out 365 days within the confines of identical, sparsely furnished, white rooms. The latest in their series of 'Updates' on seminal performance art from the 60's and 70's, this piece follows from Sam Hsieh's notorious 'One Year Performance 1978-79' in which the artist isolated himself in a cage-like room for a year's time. In MTAA's version, the test of endurance is shifted onto the viewer as the artists have replaced the human labor involved in the original performance with 160 pre-taped clips that run continuously -- and according to the clock -- for the course of a year. If the viewer successfully finishes the piece, they can redeem their time by gaining ownership of the two XML files of the artists, i.e. becoming the collector of a unique set of art data. Consider exchanging your downtime for higher status by dropping in on MTAA. And on your way, perhaps lend some support to turbulence.org who consistently perform real labor to make provocative projects like this one possible. - Lauren Cornell