Peace is Possible


Cynics might suggest that Pakistani songwriter Mohammad Iqbal Behleem's mission was borrowed from a desperate Miss Universe contestant, but in times like this the world needs more self-professed and pro-active peaceniks. Behleem's declaration that he wants to 'use the universal language of music to communicate the beauty of humanity and promote positive peace' is put into practice with the E-Peace Music Project, where everyone is invited to contribute peace poems that will be published on the website. Selected poems will be used as lyrics for songs composed by Behleem. Organised by Behleem and Belgian poet and mail artist Guido Vermeulen, the E-Peace Music Project has so far attracted contributions from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and USA. The deadline for contributions is 31 July 2005, so you have plenty of time to irenically develop your poem. In the face of continuing war and violence, the very least we can do is hope, write and sing for peace. - Helen Varley Jamieson