Está aquí, está allí


If you were to plan a trip to Tijuana, where would you start? Expedia, Travelocity, The web's role in commercial travel is difficult to overestimate. Hopefully, other forms of information about places, ones more enlightening and critical than e-commerce tourist guides, are being accessed as well. If you're planning on visiting the US-Mexico border region surrounding San Diego and Tijuana, may I suggest taking a look at the new inSite_05 website? Since 1992, the inSite program has explored the aesthetics, politics, economics, and otherwise everyday aspects of life in and around the US-Mexico border region between San Diego and Tijuana. While the main thrust of inSite lies in its direct engagement with physical sites through artists' interventions and staged discussions, the web is also becoming a critical point of contact. This year's 'Scenarios' component of the program will feature an online exhibition curated by former Rhizome Director Mark Tribe and an online/offline archive project by Berlin-based curator Ute Meta Bauer. But don't look for any utopian claims about virtual border crossing, these projects promise to keep their wires rooted in the ground. - Ryan Griffis