We Will Not Disappear


Ghostly figures materialise and dissolve as a relentless roll-call marches silently past; these are the names of disappeared women of Juarez, to whom the site gender[f] is dedicated. In the upper part of the screen the user has control, scrolling through a list of women artists and browsing the artworks that have been gathered together in this project. The interface neatly reflects the differences in the daily realities of women in the contemporary world, which ties into the theme of the work. While the world's politicians and media focus on an externalised 'war on terror', women everywhere continue to survive their individual wars and terrors. The works - contributed by 48 women artists - range across the bizarre, painful, hopeful and hilarious landscape of female realities, touching on everything from cyber-activism to religion to recontextualising Barbie. gender[f] has carved out a space within the digital sphere for these vital voices and experiences to be heard. - Helen Varley Jamieson.