Whose Speech? Our Speech!


Thanks to the efforts of many artists, writers, and scientists, the FBI's baseless prosecution of Critical Art Ensemble co-founder Steve Kurtz and University of Pittsburgh Geneticist Dr. Robert Ferrell is a well known story in the arts community. With the help of press coverage in such high profile art periodicals as ArtForum and Art in America, not to mention mainstream news sources like the New York Times and CNN, the grassroots-organized legal defense fund has raised thirty thousand dollars. Unfortunately, Kurtz's defense is expected to cost around five times that amount. One major component of the fundraising has been benefit events of all kinds, from art auctions in Portland, Oregon to DJ shows in London. One more effort to add to the list (and funds) is 'Biofeedback,' a NYC event featuring a line up of musical acts and an appearance by performance artist Martha Wilson as Barbara Bush. The event starts at 8pm on Thursday, October 21 at Tonic. - Ryan Griffis