Pinata Party


It's no wonder the pinata has been a party hit throughout the ages from Aztec birthday celebrations of Huitzilopochti (the god of war), to 14th century Italian commemorations of Lent. Nothing beats the profane thrill of destroying something beautiful. Though pinatas are often seen as artful, at Gavin Brown's Enterprise from September 4th - 9th they will be works of art. Within the sanctuary of the white cube, the pinatas contributed by artists from around the New York area will be as untouchable as a group of Calder's mobiles. Come September 10th, however, they'll all be smashed to smithereens. From the 11th - 16th, visitors are encouraged to stop by the gallery to see the remnants of the pinatas, photo documentation of their demise, and to vicariously participate in the confluence of performance and catharsis. Gavin Brown's Enterprise is located at 436 West 15th Street and is open Monday - Friday from 10am - 6pm. - Perry Garvin